Student Leadership

Ella Eadie-Lilley
Hi my name is Ella. I am 10 years old. I am good at reading and I love art. I am looking forward to assemblies and house days. I think I bring kindness and confidence to my leadership role. I am looking forward to being a lead speaker and I am really excited for 2023.
Māia Kenneally
Kia Orana, my name is Maia and I am so excited to be one of your School and House Leaders. GO MAHY. I am very interested in sports like basketball, netball and rugby as well as art. I will be a great leader as I show the Triple A’s and the Six C’s and I am a role model. I hope you are as excited as I am for 2023!
Alexander Perry
Hi my name is Alex Perry. I am looking forward to being a 2023 School Leader and House Leader of Ngata. I think I bring creativity, helpfulness and kindness to leadership. I am also organised. A few of my hobbies are scootering and playing with lego.

School Leaders 2023

Matthew Dutton
Hi my name is Matthew Dutton and I am a school and House Leader for Mahy. I bring good ideas and positivity to the school. I like sports and PE and I am looking forward to 2023.
Greta Jamieson
Hi my name is Greta. I’m really looking forward to being a School and House Leader. I will be leading Hillary in 2023. I love doing sports such as hockey, touch, netball and basketball. My leadership qualities are problem solving, kindness and confidence.
Cooper Mallett
Hi my name is Cooper and I am a School and House Leader for Ngata. I am a good problem solver which will help make me a great leader. In my spare time I enjoy climbing and playing cricket and soccer. Also my favourite colour is green.
Toa Funaki
Hello, my name is Toa and I am really excited to be a 2023 School Leader. I am most looking forward to running school house days as the Cooper House Leader. My hobbies are playing netball, basketball, softball, touch and cricket. I enjoy art and reading.
My qualities are kindness and humour which will contribute to me being a great leader this year. 
Summer Langrell
Kia Ora, my name is Summer and I am 10 years old. I am excited to be the Cooper House Leader in 2023. I love basketball and gymnastics. I believe that I will make a great leader because I am kind and I work well with the younger students at our school.
Jenny Hanham
Hello my name is Jenny. I am from Cameroon which is in Africa. My favourite food is Mcdonalds and I love art. I am looking forward to being a School Leader for  2023. My qualities are being kind and creative and I will be supportive of the ideas of other leaders. I am excited to be the Enviro Leader this year and to learn more about nature and plants and how to look after our environment.

Sophie Singh
Hello my name is Sophie Singh and I am from India. I am looking forward to being a lead speaker. I like ice skating and rollerblading. I work at Pizza Hut working the cash register.
I think that I bring lots of qualities to leadership such as confidence, kindness and a great personality. I am so excited to interact with every single one of you and to be someone you look up to. 
Heidi Holland
Hi my name is Heidi, I’m looking forward to being a School Leader this year. I am also the Junior Neighbourhood Support Leader. I am a cheerleader and this is my fourth year of competing. I'm very supportive and organised which will help me to be a great 2023 leader.
Lucas Rolston
My name is Lucas and I am extremely excited to be a School Leader in 2023. I bring humour and my smarts to leadership. I love having the chance to speak in front of the school. I am looking forward to being a Hillary house leader and getting to do the hard yards. My hobbies and passions are hockey, writing, food and gaming. I think I will be a really good leader this year because I love helping others.
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